Quality Automotive Parts in Spokane, WA

Spalding Auto Parts has years of experience providing quality parts and friendly service.

Located on 50 acres in the City of Spokane Valley, we offer a wide range of quality used auto parts: everything from body parts (such as hoods and fenders) to engine parts, suspension components, and transmissions.

If you've cracked a tail light or taken a mirror off your vehicle, a used auto replacement part will be much more affordable than the factory part. We will help you find the part you need so your car can look as good as new again.

Spalding Auto Parts offers engine, and transmission replacement service for most makes of cars and trucks. Depending on availability, Spalding can usually provide new, used, or rebuilt engines and transmissions. All work (parts and labor) has a 6-month warranty.

At Spalding Auto Parts, good service doesn’t stop at the counter. Salvaging methods are continually being refined and advanced to ensure that the customer will be totally satisfied. The management at Spalding Auto Parts makes it their mission to acquire the latest equipment and maintain the highest standard in personnel training.

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